How to: splitting bills

How to: splitting bills

splitting bills

There are many upsides to group travel. Figuring out finances has to be one of the most unpleasant parts of the experience. Though there are a couple methods for splitting bills, there are a lot of downsides to each process.

Splitwise is a free app that allows you to split expenses with friends. If you need to share the cost of a bill, it ensures that everyone is reimbursed. The app eliminates the need to keep receipts which is a big plus.

There are other similar apps available on the market. Tri them out and find the one that suits you.

How the Service Works

Splitwise can track each expense and the amount that each person in the group owes. Rather than paying each bill individually, the app allows users to total all of the expenses that they owe and automatically transfer the total payment to others in the group.

Users can make payments by cash, by check or by using an online payment service, such as PayPal.  Users can also send an email notification when a particular bill is due. Additionally, rather than having an awkward conversation about money that is owed, friends can send a message through Splitwise.


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