Perouges in France, a medieval village

Perouges in France, a medieval village

perouges france

Perouges is a small village northeast of Lyon. It is perched on a small hill overlooking the plain of the Ain River and has quite a lovely view of the surrounding area.

It was founded in the early 1100’s by a Gallic colony. The town has always been inhabited by craftsmen, mainly farmers, linen weavers, and wine makers. Perouges officially became French in 1601. Then in the early 19th century roads and railroads were re-routed to bypass the town so the population dropped from well over 1,000 to 90.

In the early 1900’s, the town was restored to its medieval appearance, houses and other residences were saved, and it became a popular tourist destination. Because of this authentic, medieval appearance, the town is often used in movie sets.

If you like medieval architecture and stone buildings — this is a perfect place for you to visit!

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